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Today’s Workout
5 Rounds of:
Row – 2 minutes for distance
Rest 3 minutes
Every quarter we hold a CFLA Challenge. And this coming Sat/Sun (March 13-14) is the CrossFit Games Sectionals. What do you do in the days/week before a big event to ensure you are ready to perform your best? Here are a few of my thoughts.

  1. Take an entire week COMPLETELY OFF from workouts. This doesn’t mean do nothing. Warm up. Stretch. Practice skills. Do things that are short, quick, but not too intense.
  2. Go to bed. Get lots of rest. Store it up for the week.
  3. Eat well and drink plenty of water
  4. Make a plan for the day of the event. What time you’re getting up. What gear you need for the event. What your going to eat throughout the day. How you’re going to warm up, and what time. What you’ll do between events. Try to visualize the day – how you’re going to perform AND how the day is going to go.

If you have things that you do to specifically prepare for a big event, please share in comments!

Jennifer in a post-WOD resting position. This is NOT what I mean by rest grin



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