Compression Socks – Feelin’ GOOOOOD!

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A) EMOM 10
1 Sq. Sn. (increase ok)
B) 2x AMRAP 3:3
2 Sq. Sn. @ 75% of Part A
4 PP
8 Strict Chin ups
C) For Reps:
2 min max reps strict dips
D) For total time – rest exactly :60 after each run:
*starting on west side of Franklin
1. run to Berkeley and Arizona
2. run to Wilshire and Centinela
3. run to gym
4. 400m run (start on West side of Franklin)
5. 200m run


A) 6 on 3
:45 row
:45 strict pull-up
B) In 20 min complete:
a) 5x
5 OHS @ 70% of 1RM
10 TTB
In remaining time find,
b) 3 RM DL (compare to 6.11.13)
Have you tried compression socks, tights or a top? Ever wondered why most of the top CrossFit athletes and distance runners wear them? If you want to read some of the scientifically based details about why they work and how they improve performance (blood flow, muscle vibration dampening), check out this blog post from the Science of Running.

Rather than talk to you about all the science, I’d like to tell you about my experience with them and then hear about your experience with them in comments. I started experimenting with compression tights about a month ago. I have a pair of Skins long tights and short tights. I also have the recovery tights that I wear in the evenings or at night to aid in recovery. I was very skeptical that compression could really make a difference in performance… and I don’t really know if physiologically they are. What I do know is that I just feel better with them on. Everything feels tighter, more compact, and yes, less “jiggly”. Is that a good thing? I know that isn’t the basis for any ‘scientific double blind study’, but… it certainly feels better… and I know that when I feel better, I usually perform better. I’ve found that it’s also effective for workouts that include heavy weightlifting or high intensity gymnastic or weighted workouts when I’m not bouncing like I do on a run. AND… I definitely notice a difference in my calves after a run… not as sore as after runs when I’m not wearing them.

I know that many of you out there have used them… what have you found? Do you like yours? Benefits? Do you perform better with them on? What pieces do you have?

By the way, we are carrying the Skins Compression Socks now in the CFLA Store!




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