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Today’s Workout
Warm-up with a check of your Baseline
30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
for timeOur brains are finely tuned compromise machines. They are designed to avoid failure and danger and avert risk. When we say we want something, our brains immediately kick in to assess the situation. It comes up with reasons we should not try something. It sounds very reasonable and logical when it does so. Our brains frequently make a lot of sense.

But, tragically, our brains are not designed to make us happy. Happiness takes risk, courage, daring, chance and a fair bit of unreasonableness. When we are picking our goals in the gym, we can pick a reasonable target and insure our success. We can tell ourselves it would be dangerous or irresponsible to go for more. We can tell ourselves we are too old, too busy, too injured, too tired. We can pick something easily achievable. Or better yet, we can just not try to begin with. Our brains love that.

Or we can choose something totally off the map. We can tell everyone about it and we can risk looking “silly,” “stupid,” or “crazy.”

And which do you feel better about in the end? A successful, safe step that really didn’t result in progress? Or something crazy that maybe didn’t even work, but took you to a new place, both mentally and physically?

How many choices do you make in the gym based on what your brain says is good for you? How many choices do you make in your life this way?

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