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Guest blog by Coach GC Cava

Given my diminutive stature, I tend to project my voice a lot louder and a lot more demonstrative than most coaches. It’s part of who I am, it’s part of my style of coaching. I need to be heard, people, cuz you can’t see me!!!  Jokes aside, one of the the things I love about coaching is getting out in front of people/students and helping them confront their fears.  I have my own insecurities and imperfections that I’m very conscious about, but I have become less concerned with them as I’ve learned to get out in front of those “fears”.  Being yourself is about accepting that you aren’t perfect, accepting that you do have flaws, and confronting things you know you’re uncomfortable with.

I love my job — being a coach is who I am. I can’t get enough of it, but it has come at a cost. Time is everyone’s enemy, but at the moment it’s the most tangible enemy for me. When it was just my wife and I, she understood that I just didn’t take days off — not just for financial reasons, but more because I love what I do so much that I just didn’t take time off. I can’t really say no to coaching, but recently it’s become a problem. It’s not just Nina and I anymore. We have a beautiful daughter who is 3 months old. I have a new job now, a new role, a new purpose. My coaching gig just got a huge upgrade that needs more than just my time, but my presence. So I’ve had to sacrifice time on the tennis court, but mostly at the gym.

As the gym evolves into its greater purpose as Oak Park, I’ve also had to step into my new role as a father, so that has meant sacrificing my time and role as a coach, and evolve into my greater purpose as a parent. Sadly, I’ve had to step away from getting out in front of you all at the gym on Monday and Friday nights, and also the weekends. I love watching the community progress and evolve, but that commitment took me away from my new passion, fatherhood.  As I sacrifice something I’ve loved for the past few years at CFLA, I leave it momentarily to spend what few precious hours I have to spare in the week to watch my little human grow up.

The crazy thing about all of this, is the fact that parenthood is a whole new period of “unknown and unknowable” for me, it’s completely overwhelming and scary. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring for me, Nina, or our daughter. But I’ll approach it like I did with coaching: embrace and appreciate the opportunity to be a parent and help produce a productive human being into society. Every moment of the day I confront that fear of “am I doing this parenting thing right?” “Am I being a supportive husband?!?!?” “I can’t breastfeed, this kid is completely reliant on her mother, what can I do to help?!?!?” I feel helpless, but that isn’t any different than any moment of life leading up to this point. You just keep working, you keep loving, and you just move!

For now, I’m not with you all as much I would love to be, but I’ll be around as much as I can and always in spirit.

Friday’s Workout

10min to find Max Hold of one of the following:
Chair sit
L sit

6 Inverted burpees
12 Toes to bar
18 Box jumps (24/20)

Saturday’s Workout

“Where’s the Barbell?”
KB Snatches-R (24/16)
KB Snatches-L
OH Alt. Plate lunges (45/25)
MB Sit-to-stands (20/14)
*100m DB 1-arm Farmer carry (50/35)

Sunday’s Workout

“Let’s Twist & Press, Like We Did Last Summer”
1250m Run
20 Push Press (95/65)
30KB Russian Twists (20/16)
40 Burpees
30KB Russian Twists
20 Push Press
1250m Run
*25 min Soft Cut Off*

Monday’s Workout
“Best of Fun Week”

2k Row

“Crossfit, High Five!”
5 Bar muscleups
5 Box jumps (32/24)
5 DB Power jerks (55/40)
5 Box jumps
5 High fives

–See 4/21/14–



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