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100 days and 5,050 burpees later, our 100-day Burpee Challenge is over! Since we made this an informal challenge with no official sign-up or drop out, we have no idea how many of you out there stuck with us for these entire 100 days. So, if you did, please post it up here in comments – along with anything you’d like to say now that you’re finished!

Oh, and one additional piece of business – since there seems to be support in the community for another 100-day challenge, you can count on it – watch the site for details. I can promise, no burpees, and can also say that the next challenge will test your skill as well as your fitness!

Valla – chasing down Devlin, who’s all smiles (celebrating the end of burpees!)

Day 100
Burpees done to date: 5,050
Burpees remaining: 0



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