Conscious or Not, Here I Come

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Week 13 of 14: PRACTICE

5 @ 75%
3 @ 82%
1 @ 87%

B) 3 RFQ
10 Thruster @ 45%
10 Chin up

200 row
30 sit up

Week 14 of 14: Re-TEST

Thrusters (95/65)
– 10 minute time cap
compare your result Pssst…

Hey You…

Yeah, you…

Did you know you’re already on the path?

What path?

The path to mastery.

Huh? I didn’t know I was on a path…

Well, if you’re alive and breathing and on this planet, then yes, you’re on the path.

Really? Well I thought the path was supposed to be hard, arduous, demanding… the path to mastery, that is.

Look at your life. Is it hard, arduous and demanding?

Well, yes… I guess it is. But I didn’t know it was a path to mastery?

It’s experiential… you’re living and learning every single day. What you choose to learn about yourself while you’re on the path is completely up to you.

Well if I’m already on the path anyway, then why wouldn’t I want to learn as much as I can?

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t… but it’s definitely your choice to make.

So I’m on the path, and I’m learning simply by being alive… so really, what choice is there?

The choice I’m talking about is the choice of consciousness. The HOW you are going through your life, not the WHAT. You can choose to simply let life and things happen to you, around you. Or, you can wake up, take a good hard look at your life, and start to take responsibility for the choices you make – and their impact on you and the people around you. That’s the choice. Awareness. Consciousness. Knowing. And Feeling the impact. Then and only then can you start to share in the creation of what comes next. One way or the other, you’re on the path.

Aah… well thanks, I think. Good to know I’m on the path… and that consciousness is choice. I appreciate that.

GC working. #overheadsquat #nancy #crossfit #competitionday



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