Consequences of YES

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Today’s Workout

3 rounds for time of:
500m Row
21 Thrusters (95/65)
21 Pull UpsHow many times every day do you say, “YES”? Do you think it’s actually possible to get all the things done that you say, “Yes” to every day? Do you say, “Yes” to avoid having to making choices about how you’re going to spend your time and energy? Do you get that by saying “Yes” you are actually making choices, albeit unconsciously? Who’s in charge, anyway? Are all the things you’re saying “yes” to running your life, or are you? What about all the things that you actually WANT to get done for yourself – eating well, working out, getting to bed by 10, drinking water, daily reading, writing, spending time with family, kids, etc… things that both feed your soul… and take time. When do these get done? By saying “Yes” to everything else, who is paying the price?

So as you go through your day today… when you hear yourself say, “Yes” – whether to yourself, a colleague, your wife or your kids – make sure you really mean it. And if your, “Yes” should really be a, “No”… try THAT on.

Holy abs, Batman! Todd and Matt mid v-up.



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