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Blog post by Coach Nick Yiakos

Happy post Super Bowl Sunday!

I saw this picture (courtesy of Dr. Nadolsky) recently and it could not be more true.

Often times people can get into a pattern of one cookie will destroy all this hard work I have put in. While others can get frustrated,  that they are eating “clean” all week and are not seeing any changes.

Truthfully, it comes down to days, weeks, months and years of consistency to get to that place you want to be.

So whether you had a beer, chips, a wing or twenty yesterday; remember it’s all about balance and consistency. The moment you finally get to a place of balancing an overall healthy diet, is when everything will start to fall into place.

Here’s to another great week and keep up the great work on the Whole Life Challenge.

Tuesday’s Workout

A) Run Skill Session #3 – Barefoot Experience

B) “Partners” 2RFQ
2 x 400m Run / Row for cals
24 Pistols
24 Ring Rows

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Hinge Archetype Mobility

B) For time:
300 Single Arm Kettle Bell Swings (24/16) | Alternate every rep



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