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A) ME (“Max Effort”, 4×2) Strict Press

B) 10 Min Pistol practice
10 Min Rope Climb practice

C) Tabata Mash up
Rope KTE (“Knee to Elbow”)
DB PP (“Dumbbell Push Press”)
Hollow Rock


B) 10 min MU (“Knee” priority)
10 min Jerk – work heavy singles
C) AMRAP 10min
5 PC&J (@ no more than 50% of Part B wt.)
5 Candlestick to pushup (beg: squat and pushup)
We ask a lot of our students. We ask you for consistency and a 100% effort no matter your level. We ask you to be a contributing part of the community in spirit and in dedication to your own practice of better health and fitness. We ask that you to be open to learning not just new/better movement patterns, but to stay open to learning about yourselves in ways you weren’t sure were available to you before. You guys do an amazing job at all of the above. Thank you.

So, what does the staff and coaches require of ourselves? At the surface, we are goofy and have a ton of fun. We really do enjoy each other – and our entire student body — but at our collective core, we also demand a lot from ourselves. We have set the bar very high in terms of performance and service to our community. We take this very seriously. There is not one coach or staff member here who isn’t always considering how to do things better.

Meetings, discussions, debates, emails, texts, phone calls, team building, developmental training, powwows, brainstorming, and knocking down to re-build … we are constantly at it. We know not to sit on our laurels and put this ship on auto-pilot. It’s too important to us. Too much has gone into it already. And we guard it with the entirety of our selves.

We’ve found that it’s easier to have a ton of fun – which in itself is team building — when the hard work has teeth and integrity. A job well done is always fun!

Thank you for being an amazing community. For you we roll up our sleeves.

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Serious team building!



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