Core Strength for Running

Core Strength for Running

Today’s Workout
5 Rounds for max reps of:
1 min Max reps DB Strict Press with weak arm (45#/30#)
1 min Max DB Strict Press with strong arm
2 min Max Double Unders
– each DU miss, do 5 burpees
– score is total of all reps (excluding burpees)Have you ever considered the importance of ‘core strength’ in running? Maintaining rigidity through the torso throughout the duration of a run (from 200m – 10k) is one of the things that separates an elite runner from the recreational athlete. When you bend at the hips and torso (picture your side view in the shape of a ‘K’), that bend, or hinge, dissipates elastic energy as it moves or bends, which is energy that doesn’t go into propelling you forward. Maintaining rigidity through your torso, allows you to take full advantage of stored elastic energy, and is critical for a strong running and fast times.

So next time you’re doing deadlifts, sit ups, toes to bar, back squats, front squats, thrusters, hollow rocks and handstands, remember that your also training for running!

Elasticity in depth box-jumping.



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