Could Crossfit be the answer for real-life Batman?

Could Crossfit be the answer for real-life Batman?

So if you wanted to be Batman, how would you train? A few more lateral raises, crunches, tricep extensions or bicep curls? Another hour per day on the elliptical trainer or stationary bike? Ha! I think not! Functional strength, skills, athleticism, balance, coordination, agility, gymnastics, power, speed, endurance… Sound like something you’ve heard before? I certainly hope so. So next time someone asks you what you do for your workouts, you can tell them that you’re training to be Batman… and it wouldn’t be far from the truth! Click here to read what Scientific American has to say on the subject.

Jumping Slam Ball
Andy & Bruce get some air in jumping Slam Ball.

Today’s Workout
3 x 1200m sprints for time
– take rest equal to the time of your previous interval

6 x L-sit – max duration on each



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