Counting Calories Isn’t Evil

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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
In 20 minutes:
Front Squat 3-3-3
– work up to three heavy sets
Tabata Squats
Rest 2 minutes
Tabata KB Swings (32/20)

… and coming Thursday (CAP)
Push Jerk (135/95)
It’s amazing how when you mention “counting calories” on Facebook people get all up in arms. As if counting calories is somehow a bad, counter-productive thing. Is it the most fun thing? Well, no. But it’s not hard and it can lead you more directly to your goals in some cases. Specifically if you already eat a clean diet and want to either gain or lose, counting calories could be the next step in reaching those goals. Food quality and food quantity are two different things and can be manipulated separately and purposefully.

Recently, after assessing my current fitness status, my stated fitness goals (competing in a powerlifting competition), and my actual unstated desires (fitting in my jeans), I decided to make some changes. I realized that so much focus on strength training wasn’t doing me a lot of good mentally. I was struggling with “I should…” and “I used to be…” a lot. I wasn’t having fun, and I was headed the wrong direction in terms of my unstated desires which led to constant conflict internally. So, I’ve let go of my powerlifting goals and have a new goal of feeling more agile and lighter. I want to experiment with being smaller and faster. I want to still pick up a couch with ease, but I also want to feel like I could run down the block without my shins hurting. Which means I need to lose some of the “chunk” I’ve put on while focusing on powerlifting the last few months.

And that’s where the calorie counting comes in. Along with adjusting the focus of my training (which, by the way, you can do even within a group class setting – just change how you approach your weights and/or intensity), I’ve started counting calories using a great app called Cron-O-Meter. If you go on their site you can fill out your current info, your goals, and even set your desired macronutrient ratio. It tracks all your vitamins, minerals, activity, and biometrics. Since I started using it on Oct. 23, I’ve already dropped 5lbs of chunk.

Life is a balance. A give and take. An experience and an experiment. I can’t squat as much as I could a month ago, but I can do more pull-ups already. Rather than focus on numbers so much, I’m taking a break to focus on feeling. I want to feel my jeans be a little baggy. I want to feel like I could hike all day if the whim struck me. I want to make less noise jumping rope. For me, calorie counting is just another tool in the arsenal toward this new goal.




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