Courageous Action Takers Only

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A) For time:
400m run
B) BS (Back Squat) in 10 min:
3,3,3 – 90-92.5% of 1RM by 3rd set
C) EMOM 8:
3x PJ (Push Jerk) – From Rack, increase wt. ok
5 strict pullups
10 butterfly situps (no abmat)
E) For time:
400m run


A) EMOM 7 (no drop, increase wt.):
1 Power Snatch
1 H. Squat Snatch
B) For Reps – 4 sets on :90 of:
5 OHS (@ 65% of top EMOM wt.)
Max Chin ups
C) For Distance and Reps:
5 rounds on 3 of:
1 min row
1 min ring dipsWe’ve all experienced at one point or another in our life the huge gap between having a good idea, and taking action that leads to results. Take the food you eat for example. It’s probably safe to say that all of us at one time or another have had the idea to ‘EAT MORE VEGETABLES’. Right? Be honest… unless you’re a vegan, there is a very high probability that you’re not eating ‘enough’ veggies.

Now, it’s one thing to have the idea. It’s quite another to set an intention and take action. That is exactly what a group of researchers studied and published in the British Journal of Health Psychology. They studied the likelihood of people to take action (working out) and get results based on three different groups – a control group, a motivated group and a motivated group that was intentional about creating an action plan (to read more about the study click here)

You know what they found? The people in the group that set the intention and created an action plan were 3x more likely to follow through and be in action!

So, do you wanna eat more vegetables? Do you REALLY want to eat more vegetables (and this works for ANYTHING you want to accomplish)? Try filling in the blanks in this sentence…

‘Next week I’m going to eat ____ meals on ____ different days that are composed of at least _____% vegetables’.

And if this sentence doesn’t work for you – write one that does… for anything you want to accomplish. Lets hear your sentences in comments (CAUTION, this really will work, so if you don’t really want to be in action, don’t write a sentence!)

Costume competition day! Noon class. #crossfit #howwedo
Sometimes you feel like a nut!



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