Creative Problem Solving

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Today’s Skill
Push Press and Push Jerk

Today’s Workout
3 rounds, for time:
50m Run
10 Shoulder Press
10 Push Press
10 Push Jerk
30 Single Jumps, with Jump Rope

Today’s Game
Farmers & LumberjacksCommunication and problem solving. These are skills that can be used ANYWHERE in life. But, where do we safely practice them? One great place to practice these brain skills is CrossFit Kids. One tool we use is a game we call “Build and Move a Fort.” Students have to work together to memorize how a fort is constructed, move it one piece at a time to another part of the room, and rebuild it exactly. It requires communication to figure out who is carrying which single piece, who is in charge of remembering which parts, and effectively and quickly moving as a unit…because you’re racing the clock!

Mina, Kelsey and Cameron work together to solve the problem of moving and rebuilding their tower.



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