Credit Where Credit Is Due

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Today’s Workout

For time:
1 mile run
80 squats
800m run
60 sit ups
400m run
40 push ups
200m run
20 burpeesDo you remember the first time you came here? If you were like most people, there were a lot of new things to learn and most likely a lot of things you couldn’t do well — couldn’t even DREAM of doing well! I want you to look back now and identify the things that were so difficult you thought you’d NEVER get them that you can now do with some ease and maybe even a bit of grace. If you’ve been here a little while, most likely you are physically almost another human being. How often are you able to look at what is there now and actually get what you’ve accomplished? How often do you spend time frustrated over what you haven’t yet gotten? Give credit where credit is due! You have actually achieved what you may have at one time declared impossible! Getting present to what you’ve achieved can give you perspective — “impossible” may just be a temporary roadblock.

Jayna in action!



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