The CrossFit Open 2018 is Almost Here!

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At CFLA, we’ve had an exhilarating tradition revolving around the Open. Sure, gyms all over the world do the Open and I’m can only imagine they have their own tradition of amazing experiences, but all I know for sure is that the seven years I’ve done the Open here, I’ve seen first-time lifts, pure elation, endless support, deafening cheers, and performances so inspired they transcend the PR’s achieved. And still, more than that, we’ve experienced a bond between us that feels electric as it¬†swirls and strengthens with each workout.

On Feb 23rd, we will again partake in the fun with the return of Friday Night Lights. We will have two teams representing the gym, AM and PM. If you mainly go to AM classes, guess what? You’re on the AM team, that’s what! If you mainly go to the PM classes, you’re on the PM team. If you mainly go to the 12:30 and weekend classes, you are free agents and will be drafted soon. We will soon announce the¬†captains of each team.

I will put up a sign-up sheet on Friday, Feb 2nd, for you to claim your loyalty to either AM or PM. You do not have to register for the actual CrossFit Games Open to participate in our Friday Night Lights. But if you DO want to register, here is the link. Make sure to join the CrossFit Los Angeles team.

Friday Night Lights will begin around 5:00pm with heat sign-ups and movement standards and our team huddle and of course, pre-competition dancing. Heats will start around 5:30. There will be no evening classes on Friday. Whether you’re on a team or not, come play. If you’re on a team and can’t come to the Friday night festivities, the Open workout will be the programming for all classes on Friday.

After the Open workouts, we’ll hang out, have a couple beers, and gloat about our performances.


Friday’s Workout

For time:
150 Wall Balls (20/16) (10ft/9ft)

Saturday’s Workout

EMOM 30:
1 Squat Clean

Monday’s Workout

Franklin Hill
“Up, Over, Around, & Up!”
2 Rounds on the 15:00



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