CrossFit – for Olympians, or an Olympic sport of it’s own?

Monday’s Workout (CAP)
Hang Squat Clean 3-3-3-3-3
This is 5 “working sets”–don’t count warmup sets.
7 minute time trial on the C2 for meters

…and coming Tuesday (NO CAP)
Two rounds for time of:

-Max rope climbs in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
-Max reps double unders in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
-Max time in L-sit in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
Back when I started CrossFitting, CrossFit was a general strength and conditioning program created for any athlete to build general physical preparedness so that in going back to their sport, they would be better, faster and/or stronger. And while that is still the case for many of us, in watching the Olympics, I was wondering which of the athletes at the elite level in the Olympic games could or would actually do that – CrossFit, and then go back to their sport stronger, better or faster.

Two things seem more likely to me: 1. That CrossFit is an amazingly fantastic fitness training system for 99.7% of the athletes of the world – but for those at the pinnacle of their sport, probably not. 2. The elite level of CrossFit has become a specialty of it’s own – and that in years to come, much like Triathlon, it will actually become an Olympic event – the Sport of Fitness.

What do you think?


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