CrossFit – the cure for FDS?

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FDS = Fun Deficiency Syndrome = the absence of fun = depression. According to the authors of The Perils of FDS from H+ Magazine, fun can be “scientifically reduced to two distinct variables: risk & reward – risk is the key to maximizing the impact of reward to produce fun.” They go on to say that someone that has FDS is either depressed or on their way there, and the natural cure is to chose more activities that involve risk in order to maximize the reward and increase the fun factor.

Reading that, I started thinking about CrossFit and the fact that there is risk with every workout, it’s built in. I can’t remember the last time I started a CrossFit workout and didn’t have some sort of adrenaline rush/fear response prior to the start of “3, 2 1… GO!” And thanks to the risk, the reward that comes after tackling a CrossFit workout is huge – and with it comes the post workout euphoria, and the feeling that CrossFit is indeed “fun”! Based on this, could CrossFit be, among all it’s other benefits, a natural anti-depressant? Thoughts?

Smidty goes for it ALL!

Today’s Workout

400m run
2 min rest
800m run
4 min rest
1,600m run
8 min rest
800m run
4 min rest
400m run



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