CrossFit, Fight Gone Bad, and YOU

Today’s Workout

Weighted Pullup 1-1-1-1-1
“Death by 10 meters”
In the first minute, sprint 10 M.
In the second minute, sprint 20 M.
In the third…
…continuing as long as you can.Tomorrow is Fight Gone Bad 6.
We’ve raised as a WORLD Community $1.7 MILLION
At CFLA, we’ve raised $27,000.

We’ve got about 24 hours to do this… what can YOU do to make that number tick up? Every little bit counts, literally. Here’s a way you can help (especially if you’re a CFLA member) – Make a donation to one of our athletes – HERE (do a team search for CrossFit Los Angeles and donate to someone who is still at $0).

If you want to join us, just show up! Sony Studios. Overland Gate. Stage 14. 9am – 1pm. We’ll be there. Will YOU?

Some of the craziness from FGB 5

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