CrossFit for Resilience

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Tuesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
For time:
1,000m Row
3 rounds of:
10 pistols
15 toes to bar
20 arch rocks

… and coming Wednesday

Independence Day Holiday! Go out and run a 5 or 10k, surf some waves, ride a bike, play some hoops, and watch some fireworks.I’ve been without power for the past 48 hours. In Southern California near the coast, losing power isn’t really that big a deal because it’s a temperate 60-70 degrees most of the time. But out here in Washington D.C., the temperature has been in the high 90’s to low 100’s, with about 90% humidity. It’s so hot that you never really stop sweating – you’re covered by a thin film of sticky sweat all the time, and when you’re moving around, it’s dripping off you – everywhere. It’s easy to see why people move more slowly in the South (that IS true, isn’t it?) Without AC, moving slow is a necessity, and it really makes a difference.

One thing that I learned going through this while on “vacation” was the importance of resilience, and how CrossFit has helped me practice for just this sort of situation without me even knowing it. Let me explain.

Very often during our workouts, I’m miserable, right up through the end of the WOD, and there is nothing that I can do about it (except quit – and that simply isn’t an option). In those moments, though brief, of limited duration, and for which I know, in advance, the end point, I get to choose – be resilient, or give up. For those few moments, everything feels stacked against me. I’m miserable, tired, hot, sweaty, feel like I can’t breathe… and get the distinct, and real feeling that maybe, this time, I just won’t make it. It would be very easy to let myself off the hook – quit, back off, or cut the workout short, and then make excuses, and/or complain about how hard it was and that I can’t do it.

But in these difficult moments, I get the opportunity to not quit, to practice being resilient… I focus on the task at hand, whisper positive mantras to myself, make slight adjustments to my strategy, focus on my form, find a way to keep going, and mentally keep myself in the game… and pretty much every time, I DO make it. I have learned, through regular practice in CrossFit workouts, that resilience works… much better than the alternative. It might feel hard, or even impossible in the moment, but that is just my mind playing tricks on me. It’s not impossible, in fact, it’s very possible.

Although in real life, it’s not as intense, is of unknown duration, and might require more of what Gunny Highway says in Heartbreak Ridge, “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” Resilience IS something you can practice, even without really knowing it, and you just never know when that practice is going to pay off.




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