CrossFit for the KIDS in your life!

CrossFit for the KIDS in your life!

Today’s Workout
Five rounds for time of:
9 deadhang Pull Ups
15 Push ups
21 Hollow rocks
27 Mountain climbers (1-count)Take a moment to think about your life. Think about your time growing up – playing outdoors, sports, learning new stuff all the time. Now imagine having CrossFit as one of the things you learned… back in elementary school. Do you think your fitness experience and future life would have been any different, had you started with this sort of foundation? We definitely think so, and it’s exactly why we started our kids program.

If you agree, and you have kids or know someone with kids (ages 5-17) who you think might benefit from CrossFit in their lives, we’d love meet them!

CFLA Kids is a health and fitness program specifically designed to give kids an education in nutrition, physical activity and healthy life skills, and to teach them how to make fitness fun. We do this through structured group classes that include skill work, fun and games, workouts, discussions, exercises, nutrition challenges and events. We also give our kids homework assignments that keep them engaged, thinking, writing, journaling, eating well, being responsible at home and getting good grades at school. Kids that go through our program come out stronger, more aware, confident, responsible, disciplined, and capable of making independent healthy lifestyle choices.

Here is a video about one of our current students that shares just how much CrossFit has changed her life! (

If you have or know kids from 5-17 years old, send their parents to our CFLA Kids website ( or have them contact .




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