CrossFit – Your Path to Inner Peace

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Today’s Workout

Clean & Jerk

3-2-1-1-1-1-1Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like if you treated every move you make like it is practice for the other ones? A lot of time I find myself warming up in class, quickly going through the motions just to get myself “ready” for the workout. I was thinking that if every time I put myself under the bar to do a back squat, for example, I may be better served to treat it like it was the real deal, no matter the weight. So much of the training in CrossFit comes out of the practice (read “repetition”) of what is done. Being focused about everything may be access to faster, more complete results. I also look at practicing as a way of being very intentional about what I am doing in the moment. If it’s practice then I want to be present to the movement. If I’m present for each movement, then I get to be present for each moment. If I’m present for each moment than my life occurs right there, every moment, rather than some other time that will happen in the future (or maybe even has already happened in the past!). CrossFit training – your path to inner peace.

Jen, in the moment.



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