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What is fitness? If you’ve been around CrossFit long enough, you’ll remember this famous question that spawned the article that spawned a revolution in the world of health and fitness. When you break it down, Fitness is the ability to do work. All kinds of work. Heavy work, fast work, agile work, endurance work, explosive work. Fitness is not the ability to look good. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking good, it’s just not fitness.

One of the key things that gets drilled in over and over is that in the world of fitness, things have to be measurable. If you don’t measure it, you’ll never know if the work you’re doing is working to make you stronger, faster, more agile, and more explosive. And it’s true that when it comes to quantifying fitness, you have to measure, track, and compare. And in the great fervor to measure it all, a huge opportunity for fitness is missed.

 Measuring weights, times, and scores, while informative about the outside of you, tells you nothing about the inside of you. And I don’t mean “inside” like guts, and brains, and whatever you ate for breakfast. I mean your experience. In the wild struggle to get the optimal measurements, it can be easy to forget what it’s actually like for you. You’re a person, not a lab rat.

We’ve been so conditioned to believe that if you can’t measure it, if you can’t prove it, it’s not real. And so our experience can get dismissed as being irrelevant because it’s subjective. What if it’s only relevant because it’s subjective? You’re the subject of your life. Why wouldn’t you matter?

What if your Fitness is a whole culture of fitness? What if your it includes the on the surface measurements we’re all so fond of, but also actually includes your inner experience, your practice’s place in your environment, and how your practice affects the people around you? Fitness is how well it all fits. Do you hit your numbers but hate the practice? Do you love what you do but find that it disconnects you from other people? Are you “fit” while the people around you are not well? These aren’t all measurable, but that doesn’t make them not real.

It’s not that any one of those is bad or wrong, but by themselves, they don’t contain the whole picture. Consider that you are something that has an outside and an inside and something that is inextricably part of something bigger than just you. And consider that how much you attend to all those parts really determines the state of your fitness. Pulling all of these – the measurable and the unmeasurable – into your practice is the key to having real fitness.


And NOW, if you’re down with getting down with your people around your fitness, you’ll want to consider getting into the Buddy Battle 2014! We know you’ve been waiting, and the time has finally come to release one of the workouts!! Here’s the first folks…..drumroll please……

Workout 3

Deadlifts and Burpees
5 Rounds
In-sync burpees to plate

Men’s Rx: 225
Women’s Rx: 155
Men’s Party Division: 155
Women’s Party Division: 105

  • One round equals 45 seconds of deadlifts, 15 seconds rest AND 45 seconds of burpees, 15 seconds rest
  • These will not be partner deadlifts. You and your partner will have 45 seconds to do as many deadlifts as possible. You may alternate and break up the work as needed; one works while the other rests. There is only one barbell per partnership.
  • Burpees will be done in sync with your partner. Both partners must be standing on a plate at the same time for the rep to count, and before the next rep continues.

Remember, IF you are competing in the party division, and the weight is something you are unable to do, you MAY STILL SCALE THE WEIGHT. It’s the party division, folks!


Thursday’s Workout

Part A
1k Row for time

Part B
10 Rounds on the 1:00
G2OH Ladder
**Men +10#, Women +5#**

And Coming Friday

6 Alt Pistols
12 C2B Pull-ups
18 Wallball @ 10’ (20/14)



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