Cycling with a Rookie Team – SHAZAM!

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A) EMOM 10: Sn. Balance & HSPU
O: 3 Sn. Ba. @ 60%
E: :30 HSPU
adv: deficit
int: abmats
beg: box/pushup

2 Back Squats @ 87.5-90%

C) For time:
Row 750
:60 rest
Row 500
:60 rest
Row 250


“Trevor Win E”
With a team of 4 and no more than 2 people working at a time, complete:
300 Pull Ups
400 Push Ups
500 Sit ups
600 Squats
**costumes recommended**Last Saturday I had an amazing cycling experience. One that in 25 years of cycling experience, was a first.

The CFLA athletes training for the PDR Triathlon met at Ocean & San Vicente. Coach Jamie had a 2 hour route planned – up PCH to just before Malibu, and back. Easy. Being that this particular group of athletes had never really ridden together on a ‘longer’ ride, he was figuring the group would average about 15 mph. He was completely wrong.

We headed out – Clayton, Monica, Cannon, Bennet, Zar, Alex, Tanya, Jamie and Me – and got down onto PCH. The group was riding pretty well together, so we formed into a counter-clockwise rotating pace line (Think US Postal from the Tour de France – just not nearly as fast!) No real instruction, with Jamie’s help, just moved right into it. And we flew.

We averaged 21 mph on the way out to Malibu. Not only did we get past Malibu and Jamie’s original planned turn-around spot, we rode through Malibu Colony, past Pepperdine, all the way out to where the Colony road meets PCH. And then we formed into a pace line like the one you see below for the ride home, and did the same speed going back!

For most cyclists out there, that might not sound so amazing. But for me, the thing that was remarkable about this ride was that it was with a group of riders that have NEVER ridden before together, none of whom really call themselves ‘cyclists’, and who don’t ride in packs, ever… It was absolutely fun, exciting, even exhilarating, everyone pulled their weight – the only thing missing – CFLA Jerseys for us all.

Can’t wait until the next long ride we do together – please come out and join us! By the way, tri-training this Saturday is a Ride / Run. Meeting at Ocean & San Vicente at 7:30am. Be there!

CrossFitLA Image
Tri-Team CFLA pace line south on PCH



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