Dancing Outside the Box, at the Box

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2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00

“Up, Over, Around & Up”
– A distance variation on our beloved Franklin Hill Sprints


A) 2 rounds for total reps (2:2)
Row for calories
Wall balls

B) For quality load (FQL) in 15 min
Heavy triple ground to overhead (GTO)
*Maintain control of the bar*

While I watched our special introductory hip hop class last Sunday, my heart nearly exploded. It’s hard to explain, but I was so happy to see so many of our athletes trying a different activity other than our usual athletic training. In a lot of ways, dancing is way more intimating than trying to PR a back squat. I saw some of our strongest athletes drenched with sweat after an hour of basic hip hop steps.

I suppose what got me the most when watching class was how earnest you guys were while dancing. You were so willing to learn something not just new, but something so outside of the box. It’s a testament to how you live life. I completely commend it and it inspires me to always try new, fun things.

To that note, we’re going to offer a five-week Hip Hop Class series! Starting on Sunday, July 6th through Sunday August 3rd, 11:15am-12:15. Sign up for the series in the main gym.

I can’t wait to get better at dancing with you guys this summer!


Wazzz up!?



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