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The morning dawn is an ancient metaphor that was used as early as 700 bc in The Odyssey by Homer. Dawn, quite clearly, symbolizes a new beginning.

The good news is that dawn happens every day. Every day is a new chance to do something a little bit better. Dawn is our hope, and with each new dawn we mature into something wiser, more refined, better.

We certainly seize every new dawn here at CFLA. Every day the concept of improvement is on our minds. How can we run things better? How can we inspire more members? How can we improve ourselves and our operations? We don’t always succeed at all those things, we fail for sure, but we give every day an earnest shot. And when we do fail, there’s another dawn tomorrow to try again.

Does the idea of a new dawn excite you guys, too? We see you striving, working, improving. We see it so much, you inspire us to keep striving, too, dawn after dawn.


“Da Tiny Hoppa”
6am class will randomly choose a workout out of the hopper


A) 5 RFQ:
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Arch Rocks

B) 4 RFR (:45:15)
Wall balls (20/14)

C) 5 RFT:
8 Strict CTB pullups
5 Power clean & jerk (62.5-65%)



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