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Today’s Workout

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds for time of:
Arch Rocks
Jumping Slam Ball (15#/10#)What is it about CrossFit that keeps you coming back for more? I was recently compiling all of my workout journals from the past 6 years… yes, I’ve been CrossFitting for that long. And I was thinking about this question for me since this is the longest that I’ve stuck with one training system/style in the gym. Is it fun? Is it just suffering? Is the suffering fun? Is suffering part of what makes it fun? Would it be fun without the suffering? Is it the challenge, the results, or how you feel about yourself when you’re done?

Personally, I do it, and love it because of the suffering… I love going through battle and coming out the other side, knowing that I’m still alive to fight another day… and better for having gone through the struggle. The challenge of facing something that looks daunting, even un-doable… and then doing it. Nothing feels quite like it! I’d love to hear from you about just what it is that keeps you coming back.

Run Forrest, Run, er… Tristan.



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