Dealing with the Impact of Sugar

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Week 12 of 14: COMPETITION

Deadlifts (225/155)

Week 13 of 14: PRACTICE

A) EMOM 5 for Load
4 Squat Clean (Do not exceed 75% of 1)

B) 4 Rounds for Quality (RFQ)
12 Chin up (C2B)
50 DU

C) 3 sets on the 3:
3 DL @ 77.5%

D) 3 RFQ
25 squat
75 du- 4.8 million people DIE from it each year.
– $470 billion/year – cost to the global health care system
– By the year 2020, the number of people effected will be close to 500 million
– Costs by then could rise to $700 billion

What am I talking about?


Sick of hearing about it?

You should be.

What causes diabetes?

Sugar consumption.


– Sugar makes up 17% of our diet.
– Average global sugar consumption per person per day – 17 teaspoons
– Average USA consumption per person per day – 40 teaspoons – Congratulations, we’re #1!
– The USA is also #1 in adult obesity and #2 in childhood obesity
– 43% of the added sugars in our diet comes from sweetened beverages.

Seriously people… STOP IT.

It’s funny. I just read an article about the how the National Football League is supporting, funding, and sharing with mom’s all over the country, the results of research in the area of head injuries and concussions, especially in high school aged kids. Now that is courageous. The NFL has a lot to lose, but is putting the health and well being of people first.

When’s the last time you saw The Coca Cola Company funding a research study on the impact of sugar in drinks on the human condition? Wouldn’t that be nice… of course, it might also put them out of business, or, at least change the way they do business.



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