Death by Sugar?

Death by Sugar?

Today’s Workout
Strict Press – 5-5-5+
Wendler cycle 3, week 1
65%, 75%, 85%
Mini Pushing “Nicole”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of
Push Ups – one, max rep set
Run 200mIf sugar were as toxic as arsenic, would you still eat it? That’s the question I have for the people of the world hopelessly addicted to a substance that may just be that destructive. To get a better idea, check out the latest article in the NY Times Magazine by Gary Taubes: Is Sugar Toxic? It’s interesting based on historical records how the incidence of heart disease and deaths from cancer and diabetes over the past 100 years tracks right in line with sugar consumption (among other things).

Correlation or causation? Taubes is clear that at this point it’s still just a correlation, but the case seems very strong to me. And after being off sugar now for 3 weeks, I certainly do feel better more consistently. You be the judge… what do you think?

Alek – goin’ for it!



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