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RPE 7.5
For Quality
A) 4x
:30 5DL@ 70%
:30 Rest
:30 Run out
:30 Run back
:60 rest
5 Strict Pullups
10 TTB
15 Squats

RPE 7.5
For Quality
A) EMOM 10 min
O: 5 FS @ 67%
E: Max candlestick levers (slow and controlled)
For time and quality:
B) 250 m Row
10-8-6-4-2 Strict pullups
Making decisions is HARD! Or is it?

Making decisions can be hard if you have no criteria, besides what you want, that you’re making them by.
Having criteria will make decisions much more black and white.

Question: Should I eat muffins or fruit?
Criteria: I am doing the Whole Life Challenge. There are things I agreed (with myself) not to eat, like sugar and grains.
Choice: Fruit.

Dealing with the choice can be challenging, but if you have a criteria you’re deciding by, you’ve really already made the choice before it came up — when it wasn’t physically and emotionally charged.
It’s really important for you to have a relationship with yourself where you know you can trust when you agree to something. Think about what you think of someone who agrees with you to do something, and then doesn’t do it. It gets pretty tiring, doesn’t it? Sooner or later you don’t even bother making agreements with them anymore.

Decide what you want your life to be like and then set up your own criteria that you know will get you there. The more you follow them, the quicker you’ll get what you want. What’s more, you will also get stronger at dealing with decisions that cause you to “suffer” in the moment, and get stronger at trusting yourself.

On any day other than the first of day of the Whole Life Challenge, this would be an easy decision. Today?  Fruit. Not even tempted!  @wholelifechallenge #accountable



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