Decoding Food Labels

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Today’s Workout

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
10 Hand Stand Push Ups
15 Box Jump (24”/20”)
20 Bicycles, 2-countWhen you are grocery shopping and attempting to decipher all the various labels on the food, do you ever wonder what “organic” really means? Or if “grass-fed” means it was only fed grass, or was it just at some point fed grass? Sadly, it is not necessarily to the benefit of food companies to be honest about how their food products were grown or raised. It is incumbent upon all of us as consumers, and human beings concerned with our health and the health of the planet, to know what we are purchasing.

For help decoding food labels, check out this article, “The Common Sense Guide to Organic and Other Food Labels.” And then, if you’re still curious for more, visit the Beef Label Decoder and Where Is My Milk From?

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