Deepest Thanks

Sometimes our light goes out
But is blown into flame by
Another human being. Each of
Us owes deepest thanks to
Those who have rekindled this
Light.            -Albert Schweitzer

I feel this way about you guys, about our gym. I feel like my light has been encouraged back to a roaring flame by the connections I’ve made here, the feeling I get from working here, and diving back into my own athleticism. And I’m so grateful for it all. Thank you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Thursday and Friday …

CFLA is CLOSED Thursday and Friday.
Enjoy your family, friends, food, and time off.
Recover well and we’ll see you Saturday when regular classes resume.

And Coming Monday

In teams of 4 complete the following for time, 2 people working at a time:
Deadlift 20,000# (Int), 22,500# (Adv), 17,500# (Beg)
300 sit ups
Front Squat 7,500# (Int) 10,000# (Adv), 5,000# (Beg)
Shoulder to overhead 5,000#(Int), 7,500# (Adv), 3,500# (Beg)
150 pull ups
Run 1 mile (in increments of 200m)


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