Delayed Gratification

Today’s Workout
12 – 50m Hill Sprints

Start each on the :50 mark


Pull Up LadderDelaying gratification. It’s something we all struggle with, from an early age. If you haven’t seen this classic video before, you are in for a treat…or maybe you can actually hold off on the treat, unlike some of these little ones!

On a serious note, the ability to delay gratification, also know as “will power” or “self control,” is considered an important skill for achieving success in all areas of our lives. Certainly when it comes to our health and fitness, in both CrossFit and our nutrition, self-control becomes a critical tool in reaching our goals: Choosing to workout when sleeping in might feel better in the moment. Choosing to be committed to good form when finishing fast might be exhilarating for a brief time. Choosing not to eat your favorite dessert when everyone else is.

So what helps you maintain self control? What tools do you have on hand to help you with the delay of gratification?

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