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Today’s Skill
Review of the Squat

Today’s Workout
4 sets of tabata intervals on each exercise (11 min. workout total):
Jumping Pull Ups
1 min. rest
Push Ups
1 min. rest
Sit Ups
1 min. rest

Today’s Game
Tug of WarIt is inspiring to watch someone buckle down and push through a level of discomfort to achieve something important to them. This is the same for kids as it is for adults. The difference is, the intensity of that determination is relative, and what is important might look a little different, too. The fact is, whatever it is, is important in the eye of the beholder and worth working hard. So, for our kids that might mean running 200m, or jumping on a 8″ box quicker than they have before. It does not mean driving themselves into the ground, it just means being committed to hard work and the rewards it brings.

Mina is determined!



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