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One of the Skill Focuses of Cycle 9.0 is the Dip. During our 12 weeks of training, dips will appear on one Practice Day each week. On four of those days, we will have skill practice sessions, where we will have time to work on position, loading, and kipping. Keep in mind that in order to work on kipping dips, the strength for strict dips must be developed first. In class, we will not permit kipping for any students who cannot complete 5 strict dips.

Start with your shoulders over your thumbs and externally rotated with your elbows back. Activate your lats and put your body into hollow position.

Dip forward into your shoulders and arrive at the bottom with a vertical forearm. Maintain position throughout the movement.

At the bottom of the dip, tuck your knees to your chest while remaining tight. Then, immediately kick your hips upward to assist your push out of the bottom.

Carl Paoli is a great friend of CFLA and a great resource for all things gymnasty. Check out these two videos of his about the dip:
Kipping Dip on P-Bars Progression

Thursday’s Workout

Back squats
3-5 x 3 (~85-90%)

B) EMOM 10
1 Clean pull
1 Clean high pull

C) 3 RFQ on the 3:00
150-200m Row
10 HR Pushups
5 Inverted burpees
–2min Cap each round–

Friday’s Workout

200m Farmer carry (55/40)
30 Alt DB Single-arm clusters
400m Run
50 CTB pullups



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