Discipline Will Yield Results

I recently found out that I have a severe case of dysbiosis in my GI tract, which basically means an imbalance of good vs. bad bacteria.  In order to fight off the bad “bugs”, I need to go on a protocol of herbal supplements, and in order to reduce gut inflammation, I will be on a strict diet to eliminate any food triggers which will cause a problem. 

I’ve been fighting this GI issue for years, and am now working with a naturopathic.  We decided to run additional tests, and used different techniques and labs that resulted in a more comprehensive data set, which we could use to identify possible problems. 

I will be experimenting with supplements and a restricted diet, and will have to be disciplined with great will power and optimism over the next several weeks in order to see positive and hopefully long-lasting results. 

I sometimes look at challenges like this; turn a negative into a positive, and look forward to working hard in order to solve a problem.  It will be rough at times, but I know I can do it!

Challenge—>Opportunity to overcome an obstacle—> Results

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday’s Workout:
Mini-Cycle: Practice

2min Row for Cal
2min Agility Ladder
–1min Rest between rounds–

B) 4 RFQ (:30:30)
Ring rows
KB Swings
Squat Snatches (60%)

And Coming Thursday:
Mini-Cycle: Practice

A) Deadlift

B) 2 RFQR with a partner
A: 5 10m Shuttle sprints
B: Max burpees
–Switch and repeat–

15 Wallballs to 10’ (20/14)
10 Push presses (75% of Strict)

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