For all of the CrossFit “Do it yourselfers” out there, we made a video and created a one-sheet with our new plyobox design. We’ve used them for the past 8 weeks and they’ve been fantastic. I highly recommend them. Thanks again to Steve Rakow of CrossFit Ocean City for the inspiration and to Tony Grover for actually putting them together! By the way, if you’d like us to make one or more for you, we can do that as well, just let us know (the cost will be somewhere around $110 depending on the number you want made.)

Click here to download the plyo box plans — CFLA Plyo Box plans

Today’s Workout

“Fight Gone Bad Tug of War” by Matthew F.

Who’s the baddest? You or your partner?

In this version of Fight Gone Bad, you go head-to-head in a Tug-O-War with your partner. Partner A goes first and has 1 minute to accumulate as many reps as possible. His number becomes the working score for that movement for the pair of athletes. At the call of “switch”, instead of switching movements as in a normal FGB, Partner A rests, while Partner B takes his turn on the same movement. His goal is to reduce the score back to 0 (or lower). The pair continues this way, competing to keep the score on the positive or negative side of zero through each of five stations (Wall Ball, Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Box Jump, Push Press & Row) alternating as described. At the end of one round there is a 1 minute rest during which you may change which partner goes first.

If you do not have a partner, proceed through the workout as one person of a pair (taking the minute off as if you had a partner) and try to accumulate as many points as possible.

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