Do You Allow Yourself to Compete?

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“Franklin Hill 1,2,3”

3 rounds for total overall time:
Short – from 1st to 2nd light (left)
Medium – from 1st to 3rd ligtht (right)
Long – from 1st to 4th light (left)
**All intervals start on the 3:00**


A) Front Squat
3×3 (+2-5)

B) EMOM 8:
2 Jerks (1 power, 1 split) for quality every minute

C) 5 RFT w/ exactly 1 min. rest between rounds:
10 Strict Pull ups
10 cal Row
10 Ring Dips
100m RunDo you allow yourself to be a competitor? Or do you give reasons why you are not one? Does competing get under your skin? Turn your guts into knots? Make you want to run and hide? It used to be like that for me, especially when things seemed too hard or when I wasn’t sure if I could do what I intended for myself.

But I feel differently now. Don’t get me wrong, my guts still knot up, but now I’ve given myself permission to be a competitor even when I still regularly come in last among my peers. I’ve allowed myself to fully fight when things get hard. The competition is simply me versus the fear of the pain because competing can be painful, can’t it? Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. It takes a lot of courage to put oneself completely on the line – and then fail . Have you seen my scores on the board? I personally know that feeling regularly. I now get beaten by my daughter. And I’m telling you it takes a lot of humility to still be a competitor under those circumstances.

But I’ve learned to let all of that go because during competition, nothing takes precedence over my own stake in the fight. The more I fight, and the more heart I have in that fight, the bigger the pay off physically, mentally, and emotionally — no matter what the score on the board says.

I challenge you to give yourself full permission to be a competitor.

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Zain in the zone during competition day.



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