Do you believe in… YOU?

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I remember when I opened my first business. I was 20 years old and it was the recession of ’90. I had just finished my enlistment from the Air Force and, more importantly to those close to me, I was giving up a steady paycheck. My family, doing what families do in their version of support, warned me of impending doom. These warning were in the form of “what if” scenarios… “what if you can’t make your rent?” and “what job will you fall back on if this doesn’t work out?” I had no real answer except for the fact that I KNEW to my core that I would not fail. I had no real understanding of just how hard I had to work to not only not fail but to succeed but I gladly did everything it took. Do you have a similar story? Do people close to you give you “warnings” to protect you from getting hurt? Do you believe in your core you will do everything it takes to succeed?

BTW – that business is still running.

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Enjoy this great LONG video from Tony Robbins about belief systems.



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