Do you believe you can run a marathon?

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Do you have limiting beliefs? Where did you get them from? I had a lot of people tell me when I first opened my first martial arts school all the many reason why it WOULD NOT work. Down economy, I had no experience running a business, limited funds, no back up plan, my age. Sound like you? I hope it does. I could have chosen to believe those limiting beliefs others were projecting onto me but I didn’t. Now, I’ll be very blunt, it was freaking hard to ignore people who were close to me. No just ignore their ideas but physically ignore them. I could go weeks or maybe even months without talking to my family. At times I caught hell for it. But I had a vision that no one seemed to grasp as well as I did.

Here’s a link to a great book by Hugh Macleod called IGNORE EVERYBODY

It mainly deal with creativity but what could be more creative than opening a business that has to inspire people to challenge themselves?

Post a limiting belief others are trying to foist upon you to comments:

Enjoy this video on a little know limiting marathon fact.



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