Do you do ABS?

The following video was posted on a few weeks back… it’s footage from a seminar of Coach Glassman (CrossFit’s founder) talking about abdominal training. In the traditional sense of exercise and fitness, abs are a muscle group that need to be isolated and trained daily – like pecs and biceps. However, In CrossFit, we train the abs to perform their most important job in functional movement – mid-line stabilization. Abs should be highly active in almost every movement we do – some are more ab-centric than others, and just because we don’t do abs in a workout, doesn’t mean you have to finish by doing a set of sit ups. At the same time if your abs are weak, they will prevent you from maintaining stabilization in almost everything we do… so practicing some form of ab movement daily is a good idea.

What are your “favorites?”

Today’s Workout
5 rounds for time of:
15 Hang Power Snatch
500m Row

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