Do You Know?

Today’s Workout
10 rounds:
30” Handstand Hold
30” hollow plank hold
30” squat hold
30” flexed arm hang

– start the clock, rotate every 30” no matter what. Accumulate as much time in each position as possible every 30” rotation.Do you know how awesome you are?
Do you know everyone knows you’re awesome, even if you don’t?

When I travel to different CrossFit gyms here in Portland and they ask me, “Which gym are you from?” and I say, “CrossFit LA,” there is a pause in the conversation. They say, “Oh.”

They say, “Oh” because of you. Because the power of the CFLA community reaches far beyond Los Angeles. The power of the coaching, the power of the Team, the power of our videos, the power of each of you who travels to another gym and spreads the impression of what it is to be “from CrossFit LA.”

I encourage you all to visit other gyms in your travels. Every new gym I go to I meet fascinating, vibrant people all passionate around the same cause – our lives and our bodies. But, not every community is the same and I have never met a match for the power and commitment of those at CFLA.

Take pride, not in what you are from, but what you are part of — the insoluble bond that it is to be of CrossFit LA.


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