Do you like the CrossFit WOD Prescription?

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One of the most powerful tools that Crossfit WOD programming utilizes is the aspect of a prescription. Having prescriptions eliminate the chance of avoiding your weaknesses and allows us to work on areas that build a complete athlete. This applies for business as well so if you’ve been reading this blog and cherry picking only the things you like then today’s post is for you. I’ve found the thing I avoid most, and this is mostly an unconscious choice or due to irrational reasoning, is the thing that I need most. Just because we don’t like doing something doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessary part of our business.The benefits of doing what we hate (that are ultimately helpful) are far reaching and will bleed into other aspects of business and life.


Read back thru the posts and pick one of the BWODs you’ve been avoiding and get it done.

If you’re brave, post what you avoided and your results after doing it.




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