Do you preach to the converted?

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Have you ever thought who, in your community, really needs your help? In my humble opinion CrossFit has a responsibility to reach those who are not ideal candidates for the program. And I agree, as the old adage goes “you can’t push a rope”, however I disagree with solely training those who are amazing athletes already. Sure, you and I want the natural fire-breathers running along side us. But the real rewards will be in taking the guy who is a cubicle dweller and turning him into something closely resembling an athlete. And those rewards will be with the way we feel about ourselves, the way the client feels and the way the community is affected.

If you search on youtube for FAT PEOPLE the videos are mostly mocking. I know, I watched several that were honestly disturbing and weren’t funny just sad. Sad to watch as Americans slowly eat their way into their grave. This video is the one I found to be most palpable and yet, it’s still disturbing to me.

Look at the number of fire-breathers in your gym. If the percentage is too high, like 40%, you’re preaching to the choir. Take 1/2 a day to analyze your programming and see where you could reach more people who honestly need your help. Look at things such as your website, flyers, photos and other things that don’t champion the “soon-to-be” athlete and make some small adjustments.

Feel free to post anything that you may need a second opinion on.



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