Do you remember when you could fly…?

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Reach back into your memory.. before work became your priority in life… before being stressed out in college exams or high school cliques… or homework and if you could use the excuse that your dog ate it… Remember when you could fly? Or at least when you believed in the possibilities of, well, possibilities. The time I am speak of is when you had limitless energy and you really did believe you would be president, or an astronaut or a movie star or the scientist who cured cancer.

One of the more interesting things about Crossfit is that I find interesting is that I’ve been doing this for 16 months and I still have yet to find a workout boring… I find myself looking at the world and my life with open eyes, just like when I was a kid. Today Cill had us do a variation of a seated dumbbell shoulder press from the floor. This was so challenging and NEW. So I find my imagination and interest peaked constantly from Crossfit.

So the following video is of a Crossfit Kid who probably believes she will be president and who knows if she continues at the rate of the progress she’s at she just might get there.

For the record… I wanted to be an astronaut. too bad I didn’t find Crossfit earlier.



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