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A) BS 20RM, 60% of 1RM
B) Press – EMOM 8 (increase wt. ok)
2 Strict Press
1 Jerk
C) 4 rounds on 4
200m Run
10 Strict Chin-ups
12 TTB
5 Jerk @ part B weight
*must finish by 3


For time:
10 One-arm DB Sn. 55/40
100 DU
20 DB Sn.
75 DU
30 DB Sn.
50 DU
40 DB Sn.
25 DU
*Switch hands every rep*Competition is way more than just trying to beat the fella next to you. In fact, over the 8 years of racing that I did, I don’t remember much about the actual battles for first, second or third PLACE… what I remember are the stories that came out of the struggle… the struggle that I went through with my friends.

As CrossFit continues to grow, the sport of fitness becomes an ever-widening chasm between those that go to the Games and everyone else. Well, everyone else is finding their way to events – whether they’re local fun CrossFit team-style workouts, Tough Mudders, or Triathlons. The most important thing you can do with all of this for your own personal satisfaction and growth? Jump in!! Find an event that excites you, then invite a few of your CrossFit friends to join in the fun. And when you do, let us know about it… we’d love to feature you and your merry band of competitors on the blog!

Congrats to Team CFLA for showing up, competing, finishing in 3rd… and having a heck of a lot of fun in the process on Saturday!! Can you tell from the photo that they had a good time?

I love our team ! #teamcfla #porttownthrowdown #weworkout #crossfit
Team CFLA – Shirley, Niki, Peddie, Hacker, Zach, Ricky



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