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Doing CrossFit is the real thing. It frees the mind if you just let it and you just do it. CrossFit is pure and simple in that it is simply about getting things from point A to point B. It is about having a list of tasks and doing the tasks. You have the option to leave all the strings and cobwebs of life that we attach to the things we do, and just perform the act and be the movements. Because in the end, what do you have to ask except, did you do it? Or did you not? You can make up a story about why you did or did not do it. You can have a list of reasons that you did or did not do it. But really, all the remains is what you did. Did you do more than last time? Did you do less? Did show up to do it in the first place? It doesn’t matter who did better or who did worse. It doesn’t matter what you think about what you did. You just did it, now it’s done, and you can come back and do more.

Jenna gets focused.

Today’s Workout

For time:
Power Cleans (165/110)
High Box Jumps (32”/24”)
Weighted Pushups (25/10# plate)



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