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Today’s Little Champs and Champs Workout
Get outside and PLAY

Imagine yourself as a seven year old kid. Let’s pretend you live at home, but have no parents or siblings. Everyday you must get yourself up, dress, eat breakfast, pack your lunch and make your way to school. When the school day comes to an end you make your way home, do your homework, cook dinner, wash your clothes and get to bed.

This day doesn’t seem too bad, does it? What about bed time? As a seven year old kid, choosing the appropriate bed time could be a challenge, especially when the TV and computer have only one user, YOU. Who is doing the grocery shopping and who is paying? How do you decide what to buy? What about daily exercise, homework help, emotional support and friendship? The list could go on and on. There are endless choices and tasks that need to be done throughout the day and making the right choice is challenging. We all need support, no matter what stage or age of life we are in.

Now, imagine you are the parent of the seven year old I described above. What will you do? Most of you give your children shelter, food and love. Don’t get me wrong, these are necessary. But, do you give them the most healthful food choices, so that they can thrive? Unless we educate our kids on what’s good, bad, healthy or not, they don’t know. Take a moment and look at how you are supporting your child. Make sure you are giving them all the resources, education and support they need.

A friendly game of Farmers and Lumberjacks



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