Doing Something New

Doing Something New

Does Armen seem happy about his muscle-up, or what? I know when Armen started here, a muscle-up was not something he could do. For me, I couldn’t do a single pull up and had never even done a deadlift in my life. Being able to do something new is scary, fun, and rewarding. It can open doors to new hobbies and passions, or be part of an overall improvement in quality of life.

CrossFit has a tendency to open those doors for people, to activities and exercises they might never have done before. For some it might be running 10K, for others doing overhead squats. I know for one student, doing CrossFit meant he gained the ability to reach the bottom drawer of his refrigerator! What’s something you do now, that you didn’t do before CrossFit?

Armen’s photographic proof of his muscle-up abilities.

Today’s Workout

5 rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 OH Squats (95/65)



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