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A) In 15 min – Deadlift 3×5 @ 87.5%
5 Overhead Squat @ 77.5% 1RM Sq. Sn.
10 Toes to Bar
C) 5 rounds for reps and distance:
:30 strict chin ups
:30 rest
:60 row
:60 rest


A) EMOM 10:
alternating movements:
3 Clean below knee (no drop) @ 70% of 1RM
:30 max dips (ring, bar, or box)
B) :45:30:15:30:45 of:
Hollow rocks
Arch rocks
C) 4 rounds for reps (:90:90) of:
:30 max pushups
:60 max du’s
:90 seconds restWhat if the future was a done deal? Not written by an outside force that you have no control over, but written by you?

As I see it, there are pretty much two ways to look at tomorrow. It’s either completely random and shaped by influences beyond your control or you say how it’s going to be and do the things that someone would do if that’s what the future already looked like.

It’s kind of like being on a roller coaster. Once you’re on you don’t wonder where the tracks are going to take you. Sometimes it looks like you’re headed back the way you came, sometimes you’re upside down, sometimes fast and out of control feeling, and sometimes really…really…really…slow. But that it’s going to be a wild ride, that you’re going to get out of it what you came for, and that you’re going to end up at the station in one piece, electrified, thrilled, and excited isn’t in doubt.

What if the tomorrow was like that? What if you knew where you were going to end up and started doing the things that took you there. Like the roller coaster simply unfolds from the end of the ride to where you are and was built to thrill you, freak you you, put your stomach in your throat, and make you scream, the road to tomorrow might be built the same way. A road already carved by your say-so through the wildness and vastness of time and space.

And when you are heading in all sorts of unexpected directions — upside down, back from the direction you came in, plummeting towards the ground — you will know that this is what it looked like to get there. Of all the things ever screamed on a roller coaster, I don’t think anyone’s ever screamed “It’s going the wrong way!” Everyone there knows that this is what it looks like to have a great freakin’ time. If you doubted it, you’d definitely wish for an emergency stop button or an ejector seat. How often you do that on your personal roller coasters? Start ready to have a great time and then scream “It’s going the wrong way!” and pull the rip-cord.

Now here’s the thing. That roller coaster thing is just a metaphor. It’s not actually true. I could just as easily have created a metaphor of billiard balls, clicking and clacking off of each other, paths predestined from the moment they started moving, that could have been just as convincing. The question here is, given that neither are true (or BOTH are true), which one would give you not just the tomorrow you want, but the today you want as well?

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